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Volume 7, 2011 - Heliospheric Physics

Solar particle event analysis using the standard radiation environment monitors: applying the neutron monitor's experience
A. Papaioannou, H. Mavromichalaki, M. Gerontidou, G. Souvatzoglou, P. Nieminen, and A. Glover
Page(s) 1-5
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   13 Jan 2011
A new modular cosmic-ray detector
F. Signoretti and M. Storini
Page(s) 11-14
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   14 Jan 2011
Scientific activity of academician Sergei Vernov in Apatity (Kola Peninsula) and Leningrad during the years 1968–1982
V. A. Dergachev
Page(s) 137-144
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   21 Apr 2011
Antiproton modulation in the Heliosphere and AMS-02 antiproton over proton ratio prediction
P. Bobik, M. J. Boschini, C. Consolandi, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, K. Kudela, S. Pensotti, and P. G. Rancoita
Page(s) 245-249
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   04 Jul 2011
Three dimensional model of the interplanetary magnetic field and 27-day variation of the galactic cosmic ray intensity
A. Wawrzynczak, R. Modzelewska, and M. V. Alania
Page(s) 351-354
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   02 Sep 2011
The effect of cosmic ray intensity variations and geomagnetic disturbances on the physiological state of aviators
M. Papailiou, H. Mavromichalaki, K. Kudela, J. Stetiarova, S. Dimitrova, and E. Giannaropoulou
Page(s) 373-377
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   09 Sep 2011
MHD simulation of the evolution of shock structures in the solar corona: implications for coronal shock acceleration
J. Pomoell, R. Vainio, and R. Kissmann
Page(s) 387-394
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   12 Sep 2011
Features of relativistic solar proton spectra derived from ground level enhancement events (GLE) modeling
E. V. Vashenyuk, Yu. V. Balabin, and B. B. Gvozdevsky
Page(s) 459-463
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   26 Oct 2011