Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 97-100, 2011
© Author(s) 2011. This work is distributed
under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
12 Apr 2011
Search for high energy gamma-ray bursts
V. B. Petkov1,2, A. S. Pozanenko3, V. M. Loznikov3, A.N. Gaponenko1, M. V. Andreev2,4, and A.V. Sergeev2,4
1Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Baksan Neutrino Observatory, Russia
2Institute Astronomy of RAS, Terskol Branch, Russia
3Space Research Institute of RAS, Russia
4Intern. Center for Astronomical and Medicoecological Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Abstract. We report results of the search for high energy GRBs and high energy radiation in correlation with GRBs. The search has been performed at "Andyrchy" EAS array, for this purpose the single particle counting rate of the array has been used. The data were collected during 1996 – 2006 years with a live time 2290 days.

Citation: Petkov, V. B., Pozanenko, A. S., Loznikov, V. M., Gaponenko, A.N., Andreev, M. V., and Sergeev, A.V.: Search for high energy gamma-ray bursts, Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 97-100, doi:10.5194/astra-7-97-2011, 2011.
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