Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 511-514, 2011
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under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
30 Nov 2011
Helium counters for low neutron flux measurements
Z. Dębicki1, K. Jędrzejczak1, J. Karczmarczyk1, M. Kasztelan1, R. Lewandowski1, J. Orzechowski1, B. Szabelska1, J. Szabelski1, P. Tokarski1, and T. Wibig1,2
1The Andrzej Sołtan Institute for Nuclear Studies (IPJ), Cosmic Ray Laboratory, 90–950 Łódź 1, P.O.Box 447, Poland
2Physics Dept., University of Łódź, Poland

Abstract. We present a comparison of some characteristics of helium counters for measurements of low intensity neutron flux.

We focus on neutron flux density measurements in low background laboratories. Because of an extremely low counting rate (few events per hour or less), we have concentrated on counter parameters which are sometimes meaningless under regular conditions, i.e. background from internal alpha radioactivity, percentage of events in full energy peak, and the width of this peak. The background depends on residual radioactivity of the counter tube material and can not be eliminated. The full energy peak characteristics can be specified by counter gas composition. We will present a comparison of four types of helium gas counters.

Citation: Dębicki, Z., Jędrzejczak, K., Karczmarczyk, J., Kasztelan, M., Lewandowski, R., Orzechowski, J., Szabelska, B., Szabelski, J., Tokarski, P., and Wibig, T.: Helium counters for low neutron flux measurements, Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 511-514, doi:10.5194/astra-7-511-2011, 2011.
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