Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 171-174, 2011
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under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
09 May 2011
The features of electronics structure of the multichannel scintillation module for the EMMA experiment
V. Volchenko1, G. Volchenko1, E. Akhrameev1, L. Bezrukov1, I. Dzaparova1, T. Enqvist2, L. Inzhechik1, A. Izmaylov1, J. Joutsenvaara2, M. Khabibullin1, A. Khotjantsev1, Yu. Kudenko1, P. Kuusiniemi2, B. Lubsandorzhiev1, O. Mineev1, V. Petkov1, R. Poleshuk1, B. Shaibonov1, J. Sarkamo2, A. Shaykhiev1, W. Trzaska3, A. Yanin1, and N. Yershov1
1Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Moscow, Russia
2CUPP/Pyhasalmi, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
3Department of Physics, University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, Finland

Abstract. A brief description of the developed structural electric diagrams of 16-channel scintillation module for the underground EMMA experiment, the basic characteristics and parameters of the electrical diagrams of this module are presented. Multi-pixel photodiodes operating in a limited Geiger mode are used for photoreadout of the scintillator detectors in 16-channel scintillation module. The method of the automatic tuning of the photosensors gain based on the stabilization of an average counting rate of the scintillation detectors from gamma rays of a natural radioactive background is described.

Citation: Volchenko, V., Volchenko, G., Akhrameev, E., Bezrukov, L., Dzaparova, I., Enqvist, T., Inzhechik, L., Izmaylov, A., Joutsenvaara, J., Khabibullin, M., Khotjantsev, A., Kudenko, Yu., Kuusiniemi, P., Lubsandorzhiev, B., Mineev, O., Petkov, V., Poleshuk, R., Shaibonov, B., Sarkamo, J., Shaykhiev, A., Trzaska, W., Yanin, A., and Yershov, N.: The features of electronics structure of the multichannel scintillation module for the EMMA experiment, Astrophys. Space Sci. Trans., 7, 171-174, doi:10.5194/astra-7-171-2011, 2011.
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