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Volume 8, 2012 - Cosmic Rays and Gamma Astronomy

Academician S. N. Vernov and cosmic ray variations research in the former USSR
L. Dorman
Page(s) 25-28
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  18 Jun 2012
Constraints on ultra-high-energy neutrino flux from radio observations of the Moon
S. Buitink, H. Falcke, C. James, M. Mevius, O. Scholten, K. Singh, B. Stappers, and S. ter Veen
Page(s) 29-33
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  22 Aug 2012
Temperature effect of muon component and practical questions of how to take into account in real time
M. Berkova, A. Belov, E. Eroshenko, and V. Yanke
Page(s) 41-44
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  21 Dec 2012