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Volume 4, 2008 - Heliospheric Physics

Solar modulation during the Holocene
F. Steinhilber, J. A. Abreu, and J. Beer
Page(s) 1-6
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   05 Feb 2008
On the validity of ideal MHD in the vicinity of stagnation points in the heliosphere and other astrospheres
D. H. Nickeler and M. Karlický
Page(s) 7-12
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   05 Mar 2008
The Heliospheric Magnetic Field over the Hale Cycle
N. A. Schwadron, M. Owens, and N. U. Crooker
Page(s) 19-26
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   30 May 2008
Observations of anomalous transport of energetic electrons in the heliosphere
S. Perri and G. Zimbardo
Page(s) 27-30
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   08 Jul 2008
Theoretical investigation of cosmic ray processing of solar system ices
A. G. Yeghikyan
Page(s) 47-50
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   15 Oct 2008
Self-initialised Fermi-1 acceleration by pitch-angle re-scattering of solar wind ions reflected from the parallel termination shock
D. Verscharen and H.-J. Fahr
Page(s) 51-58
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   27 Oct 2008