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ASTRA - Volume 4, Number 2, pp. 41-63

Correct normalization of the Dst index
K. Mursula, L. Holappa, and A. Karinen
Page(s) 41-45
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   18 Jul 2008
Theoretical investigation of cosmic ray processing of solar system ices
A. G. Yeghikyan
Page(s) 47-50
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   15 Oct 2008
Self-initialised Fermi-1 acceleration by pitch-angle re-scattering of solar wind ions reflected from the parallel termination shock
D. Verscharen and H.-J. Fahr
Page(s) 51-58
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   27 Oct 2008
Forbush decrease of the galactic cosmic ray intensity: experimental study and theoretical modeling
M. V. Alania and A. Wawrzynczak
Page(s) 59-63
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   04 Dec 2008